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We tailor our services to each of our clients in order to provide the most effective tools for their organization. We know we are successful when our clients innovate and use AI in use-cases based on their own expertise and industry know-how.


In a 1 hour lecture, we give an introduction to the most important concepts in AI today. The participants learn how to speak in AI terms and which AI technologies exist today. After the lecture, the participants will have the tools to  recognize AI use-cases in their own organization.

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Our workshops consist of 3-5 meetings in which we learn how to lead an AI transformation in an organization. We start by learning the fundamentals of AI technology and continue onto industry specific use cases of AI. The last and most important meeting concentrates on creating drafts for AI use cases in the participants' companies.


Our AI experts meet leaders for focused consultations. In these meetings, we build an AI strategy for the company. By creating systems and processes, we make sure that the company is ready for the future and lays the foundations for future innovations.

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