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Empowering customer service agents with AI superpowers

Smartkeys auto-suggests replies to customers' inquiries, allowing your customer service agents to quickly and easily provide the best possible solutions.

3x agent productivity & 20% customer satisfaction scores

Empower agents

Using advanced natural language processing technology and generative AI, Smartkeys can understand the intent behind a customer's inquiry and provide relevant, accurate suggestions in real-time. This means that agents can respond to customer inquiries more quickly and accurately, reducing the time it takes to resolve issues and improving customer satisfaction.

Delight Customers

With Smartkeys, your agents can focus on providing exceptional customer service and building relationships with your customers, rather than wasting time searching for answers.

How it works

Smartkeys analyzes customers' questions and uses AI technology to generate a suggested answers. The agent can then quickly review the suggested answer and send it over.

In addition to suggesting answers, Smartkeys also continuously learns and improves over time. As it processes more customer interactions and data, it becomes more accurate and effective in providing answers to customer inquiries. This ensures that customer service agents have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information to help them provide the best possible support to customers.

AI learns

The AI analyzes customer interactions to learn the brand's writing style and what makes customers happy.

Data is collected

Smartkeys collects up-to-date customer interaction data.

Agent uses Smartkeys

The Agents use Smartkeys to make every customer interaction better.

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